Horrible Bosses

If you've seen the ads, you know that three put-upon schlubs, in a moment of despair, conspire to kill the evil bosses who are making their lives unbearable. Of course, with Seth Gordon ("Four Christmases") directing, this could either be very funny...or not... Happily, our screening audience laughed out loud a LOT.

Okay, everybody and his uncle is in this well-acted enterprise:
  • Jason Bateman ("The Switch") is Hollywood's utility man these days. Here, he is the hapless victim of a cruel boss; his only hope is...dare I say it? Bateman always brings sanity to crazy plots like this, his sensible demeanor provides the perfect contrast to the frantic behavior of his castmates.
  • Kevin Spacey ("Casino Jack") personifies one of the "Horrible Bosses" in which he reprises his nasty role from "Swimming With Sharks." This time Bateman is the poor target in his sights.
  • Jason Sudeikis ("Hall Pass") is our second put-upon guy, a dedicated skirt chaser, always on the lookout for his next conquest; but he loves his boss...until events conspire and a coke-head son takes over.
  • Colin Ferrell ("Crazy Heart") is the coke head. This Irishman is a terrific actor; he is fearless and willing to play anything. We were impressed by his balding, pot-bellied portrayal of a total jerk.
  • Charlie Day ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") completes our set. Of the three schlubs, he is the major loose cannon.
  • Jennifer Aniston ("Just Go With It") is his horrible boss. Out of everyone in this project, I didn't like her or her repulsive character...waaaay too over the top.
  • Ioan Gruffudd ("Amazing Grace") is the first professional they hire. He specializes in "wet work" (they found him on Craig's List).
  • Jamie Foxx ("Due Date") is our trio's "consultant." When he speaks, they cluster together like a little clutch of chicks hearing words of wisdom from a wise mother hen.
There is something very funny about watching rank amateurs try to do something that scares them spitless; we can relate because these are basically decent (but desperate) fellows.

Be prepared for raunchy language, a brief car chase and a couple of isolated gunshots, but brace yourself for an in-your-face primer on sexual harassment in the workplace!