Crazy, Stupid, Love

Dan Fogleman ("Tangled" and "Cars 2") has written another terrific PG-13 script! I was surprised at every turn and as the various elements began to take shape, I was surprised all over again, up to and including the wild but satisfying climax.

A long-time married couple splits because the wife has a fling with a co-worker. A babysitter gets a crush on an older man. A successful Lothario coaches a divorcé in clothes, hair, shoes, and pickup techniques. A law student expects a marriage proposal when she graduates. A 13-year-old boy falls for a 17-year-old girl.

Every cast member is appealing:
  • Steve Carroll ("Date Night") plays a decent, devoted, heart-broken divorcé who loves his family and is totally at sea by himself. He becomes a 'stealth gardener' as he sneaks in at night and does yard work for his ex-wife.
  • Julianne Moore ("The Kids are All Right") is that faithless wife.
  • Ryan Gosling ("Blue Valentine") is a successful young man about town, full of advice and smooth talk. I have never seen him more appealing or funny.
  • Emma Stone ("Easy A") has a surprise awaiting her when she graduates from law school.
  • Josh Groban ("Chess") delivers the surprise.
  • Kevin Bacon ("X-Men: First Class") has a pivotal part in that aforementioned climax.
  • Marisa Tomei ("The Lincoln Lawyer") is a lonely gal looking to be picked up by an awkward divorcé.
The screening audience was delighted: one (sorta) car chase, no gun- shots, no sweaty bodies and no blowie uppie stuff; just people being people, warts and all!

Yes, we liked it a LOT.

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Here is a link to a preview:
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