La Mia Classe

This entry to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival was submitted by Italy (English captions). "My Class" is directed by Daniele Gaglianone; we watch a movie being made that is a documentary about Rome-based immigrants taking an Italian class to improve their chances for work and residence permits.

Valerio Mastandrea is Professor Attanasio, who is creating a movie within a movie to illustrate the trials and tribulations of immigrants.

Of course the documentary they create uses heart-wrenching stories of people who escape from Nigeria, Togo, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Brazil, to name a few. We become acquainted with the actors who play the immigrants and appreciate the humor that is incorporated into the studies. If only REAL language classes could be so fully developed!

The fake suicide and the "professor's" illness were a bit over the top, but their intention is pure. It DID become confusing when the documentary filmmaker would come into the frame to "tweak" the story or the action. We didn't DIS-like this one, but it wasn't in our top 10, either.