Lucky Them

This Made-in-Seattle entry from the USA to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival is directed by Seattle's very own Megan Griffiths ("Eden"). We see a music critic instructed to track down her ex-boyfriend, long considered dead, in hopes this will generate a headline-grabbing story to revive the moribund magazine that employs her. (The office is located at Pike Place Market.)

We see:
  • Toni Collette ("Enough Said") as Ellie, a music critic, NOT an investigative journalist. She has no desire to look into Matt's disappearance/death because it opens old wounds.
  • Thomas Haden Church ("Sideways") is Charlie, Ellie's wealthy ex-hookup who has a new hobby: He wants to make a docu- mentary about her quest; money is no object.
  • Ahna O-Reilly ("Jobs") is Charlotte, Charlie's airy-fairy fiancĂ©e.
  • Oliver Platt ("Frost/Nixon") gives us Giles, her pot-smoking boss who has shown great patience with her heavy drinking and unfocused life.
  • Ryan Eggold (Lots of TV) is Lucas, a guitar-playing street musician who rings Ellie's chimes.
  • Johnny Depp ("The Lone Ranger") is Matt, the missing local rock god.
The Seattle screening crowd enjoyed seeing Occidental Park, Alki Beach, the Viaduct, the Comet Tavern, Snoqualmie Falls, and the Mt. Si Tavern. Of course there is more to a really sharp-eyed Seattlite, but that list is good for starters.

We found the story to be intriguing, the acting to be wonderful and the humor to be gentle, despite the R rating (some racy language and sexual situations, plus a LOT of alcohol). We liked it.
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Here is a link to a preview:
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