Helicopter Mom

We all know anxious parents who hover over their darlings, afraid to expose them to possible rejection, pain or other learning experiences. Director Salomé Breziner takes this basic device and stretches it to absurd lengths as she brings this USA-sponsored entry to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival.

The cast:
  • Nia Vardalos ("I Hate Valentine's Day") is Maggie. No one can ever say this single mother doesn't LOVE her son. She is terrified that he might miss out on college because of cost, so among other strategies, she has submitted his name for a gay college scholarship.
  • Jason Dolley (Lots of TV) is Lloyd. You might say this beleaguered fellow is a bit non-plussed by that scholarship application, since everything about it is a surprise!
  • Mark Boone Junior ("Sons of Anarchy") is Max, the fellow we realize is Lloyd's dead-beat father.
I found this contrived screenplay insulting to gays, parents, teachers, and the audience. The humor is anatomical and absurd, Maggie is annoying and repugnant, while Max is a parody: a former flower-child stoner, but even HE has more common sense than that idiotic mom. To watch some- one who is utterly tone deaf to her effect on others is NOT funny! We could only pity the poor son and writhe in embarrassment for him as we waited for this thing to be over.