Edge of Tomorrow

Working from a PG-13 screenplay by Jez Butterworth and Christopher McQuarrie, producer/director Doug Liman ("Bourne" trilogy) treats us to a funny, end-of-the-world Sci-Fi flick that evokes "Groundhog Day," over and over again! This is one of those times when I don't mind Computer Generated Imaging a bit because this movie is involving, has relatable characters, an interesting story, plenty of humor and a great cast.

Here is a part of that great cast:
  • Tom Cruise ("Jack Reacher") has become a confident star of enough magnitude that he generously shares screen time and great lines with his co-stars. (Remember he SANG in "Rock of Ages!") Here he is a cowardly wuss trying to desert his military assignment after he discovers he can't hide behind his press pass; he is being embedded with a front-line assault troop on the first day of a major battle. Heroics are NOT for him!
  • Emily Blunt ("Arthur Newman") loved getting all buff and strong for this movie, now she is an action star! Her character is a war hero who led a victorious assault in an earlier battle against these multi-tentacled aliens invading Earth. Watch the trailer to see her shoot Cruise in the head!
  • Brendan Gleeson ("The Grand Seduction") is the cagey Army general who unceremoniously dumps our slick press guy into a suicide mission and refuses to cut him any slack. In fact, he outwits him at every turn.
  • Bill Paxton ("Million Dollar Arm") is the master sergeant who assigns our reluctant "hero" to the J-Troop, which seems to have its share of misfits and goof-offs. They won't even tell their inept new member how to switch off the safety on his gun!
Our hapless press agent is caught in a loop in which he learns more battle skills each time he is forced to repeat that fateful day. I don't like war movies, I don't like CGI, and I don't like aliens, but I had a stupid grin on my face most of the way through this highly entertaining movie.

Expect lots of action, lots of gunfire, lots of blowie uppie stuff and a bit of profanity, but no sweaty bodies or anatomical humor. Whew!
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This trailer doesn't catch much of the humor:
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