This entry from Ireland introduces the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival screening audience to an offbeat comedy that features a doleful fellow trying to figure out how to live his life. Problem is, he has a dying father, an estranged girlfriend and an alienated teenage daughter. He seems to have a Midas touch, but everything he touches does NOT turn to "Gold," quite the contrary.... He just never seems able to focus.

Director Niall Heery brings us this cast:
  • David Wilmot is Ray, our hero, trying to honor a wish from his dying father to meet his granddaughter. They have been out of touch since Ray's suicide attempt 10 years ago, so it won't be easy.
  • Maisie Williams is Abbie, the daughter he left a decade ago. She is training for a track meet in which she wants to win the gold medal (for her step-dad).
  • Steven Mackintosh is Gerry, Abbie's track coach, who wants to see her win the gold. Problem is, "juicing" could equal unintended profits for Abbie's stepfather...
  • Kerry Condon plays Alice, the mother of his child. She has built a new life with his former P.E. teacher, a man who is the direct opposite of Ray. This guy is focused, successful, and a pretty good father to her daughter.
  • Martin Maloney brings us Kenny, Alice's husband who markets motivational tapes. They will become very successful if his "motivated" step-daughter takes first place in track.
Our screening audience never understood the significance of that gold- upholstered couch our hero finds abandoned on the street, straps to the top of his beat-up car, and still has months later.

Personally, I failed to see his appeal, so didn't understand the underlying conflict, although I DID see Ray's responsibility for Kenny's condition. Lucky for Ray, Kenny's Traumatic Brain Injury affects his short-term memory, so it isn't a problem. Whew!