Three Depression-era Bondurant brothers in Virginia – who just happen to be bootleggers – contend with competition and crooked cops. With R-rated action and brutal people, this one made me hide my eyes more than a few times....things are far more intense for me when I know in advance that a story is based on real life.
  • Jason Clarke ("Zero Dark Thirty") is Howard Bondurant, the oldest brother; just don't make him mad!
  • Tom Hardy ("Warrior") is Forrest Bondurant, the indestructible one; his brushes with death are the stuff of local legend.
  • Shia LaBeouf ("Transformers") is Jack Bondurant, the reckless youngest brother, always in need of a helping hand from his older siblings.
  • Dane DeHaan ("In Treatment") is Cricket, the sweet friend who suffered from rickets as a child, but is a great tinkerer!
  • Guy Pearce ("Lockdown") is Charlie Rakes, the vain, over- cologned federal officer.
  • Jessica Chastain ("Coriolanus") is Maggie Beauford, Forrest's love interest... When I admired Ms. Chastain in 2008 for her work in "Jolene," little did I realize the magnitude of her impending success. She works harder, in a wider variety of roles and more consistently than anyone else I can think of.
  • Mia Wasikowska ("Jane Eyre") looking for all the world like a Vermeer painting, is the preacher's daughter who catches young Jack's eye. Her preacher/father does NOT like him!
We watch the arc of the Bondurant family's success in the late 20s and early 30s and see the impact of federal authorities who have been sent there to clear out the moonshiners. The locals are merely intimidated by- standers, but when the chips are down, it's clear where their loyalties are.

Car lovers will LOVE all those period automobiles; one even runs on moonshine!
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Here is a clip from the movie:
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