Celeste and Jesse Forever

Can a couple remain friends while they are divorcing? Our eponymous lovers have been a couple for so long and are so compatible, not even a pending divorce can interrupt their constant joking, role playing and bawdy horseplay. They are best friends. This unpredictable and intel- ligent R-rated script, written by Harvard graduate Rashida Jones and Trinity College graduate Will McCormack, doesn't whitewash any of the characters. In fact, Celeste is the most flawed character in the film!

We see:
  • Rashida Jones ("Parks and Recreation") is Celeste, a whip-smart ad agency executive, stuck with an unwanted contract to promote The Next Lady Gaga, much to her chagrin! She and her best friend/husband of six years are separated, but she's "doing GREAT!"
  • Andy Samberg ("Friends With Benefits") is Jesse, her slacker husband. He's an artist who can't seem to meet any deadlines and is currently renting a mother-in-law apartment from his soon-to-be ex.
  • Rebecca Dayan ("Limitless") is Veronica, the gorgeous but unexpected element who appears out of nowhere and sparks a crisis. Even though we may want to, we can't seem to make her the villain.
  • Chris Messina ("Like Crazy") is Paul, a nice fellow who signed up for yoga because he wanted to meet women.
  • Ari Traynor ("What's Your Number") is Beth, the patient best friend who can only watch in baffled frustration as her chum has a meltdown.
  • Eric Christian Olsen (Lots of TV) is Tucker, the fourth member of their constant foursome, who finds the antics of his separated friends to be disconcerting.
  • Emma Roberts ("It's Kind of a Funny Story") is Riley, the tween diva who is petulant, spoiled, vain and desperate. She's the one destined to be "The Next Lady Gaga!"
  • Elijah Wood ("Lord of the Rings") is Celeste's boss, who counsels her to "get out there and start dating again!" (Well...maybe not those exact words...)
  • Will McCormack (Lots of TV) is Skillz, the drug dealer who naturally manages to maintain a friendship with both friends.
Expect drug use and profanity, but no sweaty bodies, car chases, gun- shots or blowie uppie stuff. The lovely Ms. Jones (who, by the way, is the daughter of Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones) is a capable and appealing actress, and everyone else does a fine job, too!

Idle speculation: Is Hollywood trying to tell us that being a slacker is normal for young men?
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