2 Days in New York

Just when you think that your newly blended family has all the lumps worked out, along come the in-laws to add to the mix. Julie Delpy (the writer) has given Julie Delpy (the director) a chaotic script for Julie Delpy (the actress) to deliver. By the way, Delpy's American accent is remark- able. Good for her!

These folks are part of the chaos:
  • Julia Delpy ("Before Sunrise," "Before Sunset," and "Two Days in Paris") Marion has finally married her love interest in this one. Her character is a photographer planning her first big exhibit, enjoying married bliss and raising her little boy and her husband's little girl.
  • Chris Rock ("Everybody Hates Chris") displays the perfect blend of exasperation, shock and confusion as his character, Mingus, a writer and radio talk host, is confronted with his wife's turbulent family. His only confidant is a life-size cardboard cutout of Presi- dent Obama. Mingus is patient, logical, forgiving and flexible...to a degree... But he doesn't speak French.
  • Albert Delpy ("Before Sunset") risks typecasting. He has played Julia's father numerous times. I'm being facetious, he has worked non-stop since 1970.
  • Alexia Landreau ("Two Days in Paris") returns as Marion's exhibitionist sister, who brought along their father and a current boyfriend, much to her sister's chagrin. She is a child psycholo- gist. Eek!
  • Alex Nahon ("Two Days in Paris") is Manu, the fellow who is currently dating the sister but who evidently has a history with Marion. He is the house guest from Hell!
  • Kate Burton ("Liberal Arts") has a delicious bit as a neighbor who shares the elevator with our heroine.
At times all the confusion, with people talking over one another, some in French, some in English, became a little hard to take, but there are no bad guys, no gunshots, no vehicular mayhem, and much to Mingus's chagrin, (because of all those house guests), no sweaty bodies...smile...
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Here is a link to a preview:
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