Hit and Run

Have you ever watched a movie in which all the characters sounded a little too erudite? Everyone in this goofy thing sounds as though he or she is a college-educated sociologist with a bit of new-age jargon thrown in. It was nice to hear, but I had to wonder if that was the intention of screenwriter Dax Shepard ("Brother's Justice") or if he lacks the skill to write more varied and authentic dialogue.

This is a high-octane road race between a wide variety of muscle cars, custom-built race cars and one sturdy SUV, all because a former getaway driver (for bank robbers) who is in the Witness Protection Program, has promised to drive his sweetheart to a job interview 600 miles away, and nothing, not her ex-boyfriend, not his former gang members, not his dad, not a U.S. Marshall, not even his girlfriend's change of heart, can stop him.

We see:
  • Kristen Bell ("Big Miracle") specializes in conflict resolution. She has a great job opportunity IF she can get to her Los Angeles interview in time. She thinks her boyfriend witnessed a crime.
  • Dax Shepard ("When in Rome") admitted to his girlfriend he was in the Witness Protection Program, but he failed to mention that he was an accomplice in those crimes.
  • Bradley Cooper ("Limitless") spent some painful time in jail because our hero ratted him out. Now he's mad! (But he loves dogs and doesn't want to see them fed inferior dog food.)
  • Joy Bryant ("Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins"), our hero's former girlfriend, is part of that bank-robbing gang, AND she's a pretty fair shot!
  • Beau Bridges ("The Descendants") is our hero's father. The two of them used to race custom-built cars.
  • Tom Arnold ("Madea's Witness Protection") is the U.S. Marshall determined to protect his witness. This character could give the U.S. Marshall Service a bad name!
  • John Duff ("The Game Plan") is the body builder in the clich├ęd tank top who buys cheap dog food for his pit bull.
In this R-rated comedy, expect constant profanity, some nudity, no blowie uppie stuff, a few gunshots and a LOT of vehicular mayhem. Expect a couple of surprise cameos at the end...and stay for the credits.
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