Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Maybe our young hero should read Sir Walter Scott before much more time passes. He never learns!

Here we have another PG-rated outing for this popular series based on the graphic novels for children. Our Wimpy Kid, Greg, is as full of bluster as ever, bragging, bluffing and stretching the truth, always trying to impress his classmates, his family, and most importantly, Holly, the girl he has a crush on. This time, he has all summer to get himself in trouble. He wants to play video games but his father wants him to "frolic" outside for three months.

We watch:
  • Zachary Gordon ("Diary....") as Greg, the much put-upon kid whose diary provides the narrative for this series. I would emphasize though, that most of Greg's problems are self-inflicted.
  • Robert Capron ("Diary...") is his sweet, sheltered friend Rowley, or should I say Partner in Crime? Problem is, Rowley's family belongs to the Country Club...and so does the girl of Greg's dreams.
  • Steve Zahn ("Diary...") is our Wimpy Kid's dad, Frank, still trying to cope with an elusive son, trying to bond with him and trying to feel proud. Maybe get him a dog?
  • Devon Bostick ("Diary...") is his brother Rodrick, still evil, be- deviling his little brother and demonstrating all the sensitivity of a jackhammer. Watch what happens when he fakes drowning.
  • Rachel Harris ("Diary...") is his mother Susan, always willing to work things out; but "Little Women" for her son's book club? Seriously?
  • Payton List ("Diary...") is Holly, the surprisingly patient blonde who has won our Wimpy Kid's heart. She is upbeat, flexible and generous.
There were no children in our screening audience, but I suspect they would have enjoyed the chaos at the campground and the pandemonium at the party. Father and son bonded over that roast beef that had been mangled by the dog, but I didn't like watching the family eat it after- wards.

The most off-color thing in the entire movie was when we KNEW what those children were doing in the swimming pool. I guess they hadn't been instructed to use the toilet before entering the pool area. ...sigh...
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Here is a link to a preview:
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