The Paperboy

What happens when a reporter goes back to his hometown to look into an old crime for which a convicted murderer is already on death row? Expect a sweaty, repugnant, suspenseful thriller that features rape, sex, slogging through a swamp, raunchy dialog, rough trade in the gay world, alligator guts being ripped out and fed to the pigs, and a throat being cut. Plus... Not quite so traumatizing... LOTS of scenes with a nicely buffed Zac Efron in his whitey tighties.

  • Nichole Kidman ("Rabbit Hole") sporting an authentic Southern drawl, is Charlotte, the local slut who is attracted to prison pen pals.
  • John Cusack ("The Raven") is Hillary Van Wetter, the convicted killer, a vile disgusting excuse for humanity, but open to share Charlotte's charms.
  • Matthew McConaughey ("Killer Joe") is Ward Jansen, the journalist who has come "home" to look into a possible miscarriage of justice.
  • Zac Efron ("The Lucky One") is Jack, the hormonally charged young man who mostly watches the sordid scene unfold.
  • David Oyelowo ("The Help") is Yardley Acheman, a journalist who prizes being published over being truthful. Plus, it's very hard for a black English citizen to stomach the social attitudes of the late '60s American South.
  • Macy Gray ("For Colored Girls") is Anita, the housemaid who narrates the story.
This R-rated raunch-fest features waaay too much nudity, sex, violence, and profanity. This is exactly the sort of film I avoid and I want to warn you in advance. There is absolutely NO one to root for and the dialog is deucedly difficult to discern.

Writer Peter Dexter ("Mulholland Falls") is more repulsive than usual and producer/director Lee Daniels ("Precious") doesn't pull any punches. By the way, urine IS a recommended emergency treatment for jelly fish stings.

I LOATHED this one....
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