Pitch Perfect

First I'd like to say I'm a big fan of a cappella music, I love close vocal harmonies and am a long-time admirer of good choreography.  I have followed The Nylons, The House Jacks and Straight, No Chaser for years. This means I went into this one with high expectations. The samples I saw of the competitors were encouraging, the choreography looked inventive and the energy was high.

Why was I disappointed? The choreography for our principals was limited mainly to arms and shoulders, the harmonies were badly lip synched and I object to racial and sexual stereotyping punctuated by on-screen vomiting. Yes, that's what I said. Vomiting. Gallons of disgusting chunky liquid spewing everywhere. And that's the comedy part ...I think....

Nope, this messy regurgitation is NOT "Glee" on the big screen:
  • Anna Kendrick ("50/50") is a rebellious college freshman, anxious to be a professional DJ, much to the dismay of her wealthy father. He intends to hold his support hostage to her obedience.
  • Brittany Snow ("96 Minutes") is the control freak who runs the girls' a cappella group. She's out of fresh ideas but is unable to relinquish her baton. Her unconvincing change of heart is a letdown.
  • Skylar Astin ("Love Written in Blood") is a freshman who spotted our heroine from his taxi on the first day of school; but because of her father's divorce and remarriage, she doesn't trust anyone!
  • Rebel Wilson ("Bridesmaids") is the comic relief because fat is funny! Just ask anyone in Hollywood.
  • Elizabeth Banks ("The Hunger Games") is exploring her inner comedienne again, this time as an on-air commentator, sharing the screen with JMH (see below) as they evaluate the a cappella competition. In college she sang with the Minstrel Cycles (more comedy...sigh...).
  • John Michael Higgins ("We Bought A Zoo") is, once again, willing to play a misogynistic loud mouth who sees only the male groups as serious competitors because girls can't sing bass.
Because of those two great commentators, this came thisclose to being fun. Aarghhh!
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Here is a link to a preview:
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