Taken 2

Remember in "Taken" when Neeson's retired CIA agent rescued his daughter from Albanian white slavers? Well, they're still mad... A father lost six sons and seeks revenge, so he's coming after our hero!

Once again, Liam Neeson is an unlikely action star in this crime drama and once again you will be required to suspend disbelief (and a few laws of physics!) to enjoy it. You'll see non-stop action and will spend each and every one of the 91 minutes running time (...smile...) perched on the edge of your seat as our hero dashes along the grimy hallways, twisting alleyways and crowded souks of Istanbul.

Here are the usual suspects:
  • Liam Neeson ("The Grey") as Bryan Mills, that unstoppable (and SMART!), ex-CIA fellow. We get to see and hear how he thinks and plans. He uses his wits every second of every minute and never loses his cool.
  • Famke Janssen (the ''X-Men" franchise) is Lenore, the ex-wife dealing with a failing second marriage. Maybe she'll accept Bryan's invitation for a nice restful trip to Istanbul.
  • Maggie Grace ("Lockout") is Kim, the daughter who was rescued last time. Now she has failed her driver's test and is dating some guy Dad doesn't like. When the chips are down, though, this apple didn't fall very far from the tree!
  • Rade Serbedzija ("Batman Begins") is the paterfamilias who lost so many sons. Now he stands to lose a few more....
Here is a sample of dialogue (they have just commandeered a cab):
  • Dad Bryan: "DRIVE!"
  • Daughter Kim: "I can't!"
  • Dad: "Can you shoot?"
  • Kim: "No..."
  • Dad: "Then DRIVE!"
Expect over-the-top vehicular mayhem, fisticuffs, gunfire and some blowie uppie stuff. This is PG-13, so I don't recall any profanity and I'm happy to report that torture is only implied. Whew!
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Here is a link to a preview:
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