Blow Dry

Here's an old (2001) favorite. I won't admit how many times I've watched my DVD, but it's more than four, okay? Your library or some other DVD provider surely must carry something that's this much fun. In my humble opinion, it's an R-rated classic.

The British Hairdressing Finale is going to be held in the little backwater hamlet of Keighley and the mayor is soooo proud. Some of his citizens have had prior experience with this competition:
  • Alan Rickman ("Harry Potter") is a heartbroken man. He was a former hotshot hairdresser competing for the top prize, but now he runs a two-chair barbershop in the same little town as....
  • Natasha Richardson ("Evening"), his former wife. She too, was a finalist "back in the day." Now she runs a beauty shop with her lover....
  • Rachel Griffiths ("Six Feet Under") who had been our hero's hair model until she ran off with his wife during the hairdressing finals a few years back.
  • Josh Hartnett ("Singularity") is the son who stayed with his dad. He does some barbering but his main job is to style the hair of the corpses at the local mortuary.
  • Bill Nighy ("The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel") is our hero's arch rival. He swans into town with his name practically engraved on the top prize. He is insulting, demeaning and overly confident.
  • Rachael Leigh Cook ("The Family Tree") is the daughter of that haughty rival, but she remembers a handsome boy from those competitions a few years ago. He looks mighty appealing....
  • Warren Clarke ("Pale Rider") is the mayor of little Keighley. Watch him evolve as the days pass. Clearly those hairdressers have an effect on him! Do NOT miss the final credits when he lipsynchs to Elvis Presley's "I Just Can't Help Believin'" (This time the girl is gonna stay...).
If you like British humor, you'll probably love this one. The contestants are waaay over the top and the hair styles are to die for! Be sure to spot Hugh Bonneville ("Downton Abbey") as a gay hairdresser. There is more to this than just jokes, though; it is heartwarming, and reminds me why I sorely miss the late Ms. Richardson (who died in a 2009 skiing accident).
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Here is a link to a preview:
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