Mirror Mirror

"Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away...." How many times will they remake "Snow White" and when will we tire of seeing it? At least this time it's billed as "The untold adventures..." and is from the queen's point of view.

In this version, our evil queen is played by a wry, dry Julia Roberts, who is clearly having the time of her life, so let's get ready for a new wrinkle on an old story. Her acerbic digressions are a hoot as this is a far more adult (and more comic) take.

This cast promises more than a light touch of comedy:
  • Julia Roberts ("Larry Crowne") is a four-times-married widow who instantly sees potential in the handsome prince who comes adventuring into her poverty-stricken realm. In order to throw a party for him, she raises taxes.
  • Lily Collins ("Priest") is our orphaned Snow White, slated for an early death in the forest as soon as the queen realizes the threat from her burgeoning beauty. Collins has the eyebrows of a young Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Armie Hammer ("J. Edgar") is very funny as the dauntless prince. He is handsome, sincere and quite charming. He keeps losing all but his skivvies to the dwarfs and has to beg for pants. Wait until you see his tooth sparkle just before he is given the love potion.
  • Nathan Lane ("Modern Family") is the queen's minion. He is the unwilling bearer of all the bad tidings, e.g., when taxes are raised, and when Snow White is found to be alive after all.
  • Sean Bean ("Game of Thrones") as the king, long thought dead.
  • Mare Winningham (LOTS of TV) as the scullery maid who is loyal to Snow White and her long-absent father.
Snow White doesn't have good or bad things just happen to her. She has to toil, study, practice and fight, for what she values. I liked seeing her apply herself with a goal in mind; so even though small children were a bit bored, the lessons for their older siblings were good ones. The adult one-liners that made all of us laugh went over the tots' heads, but the lengthy CGI-loaded fight scenes (with G-rated monsters) were tedious for ALL of us.
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