21 Jump Street

Now THIS is for a targeted audience! I had to admire how cannily screen- writers Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall tailored their script with the right language (profane), situations (interfering parents), and embarrassments left over from adolescence (prom dates and bad grades) for the 17/30-year-old ticket buyer. No wonder it has made so much money. Smart guys!

We have two buddies, totally different, both of whom make it through the Police Academy, only to botch their first big arrest. Consequently, they are assigned to an angry sergeant who is stuck in a Korean Church (at 21 Jump Street) and sent undercover to a local high school to find the distributor of a lethal drug that is making its way into the teenage culture. Unfortunately, this means they have to live at home again.

Part of the joke is that former jock Tatum is mistakenly assigned to the brainy classes, while poor pudgy Hill is sent to the track team. Another joke is several setups for blowie uppie stuff that simply do NOT explode. Our heroes are confused because they were counting on explosions. Of course the party when the parents leave town is predictably lewd and destructive. Even Mom's Kokopelli jug from Sedona bit the dust!

These guys gave it their all:
  • Channing Tatum ("The Vow"), demonstrating hitherto unknown comedy chops. Who knew? (He's the jock.)
  • Jonah Hill ("Moneyball"), more slender now than he has ever been, his character has a real problem shooting a gun. (He's NOT the jock.)
  • Ice Cube ("Rampart"), is the astonishingly profane (and furious) sergeant.
  • Dave Franco ("Fright Night"), is a politically correct environmen- talist who is scared to death of going to prison. ("Do you know how they treat handsome guys like me in there?!")
  • Peter DeLuise ("21 Jump Street" 1987) is an undercover cop.
  • Johnny Depp ("21 Jump Street" 1987) is another undercover cop.
Yes, you saw that right. Both "21 Jump Street" (1987) veterans Depp and DeLuise are (eventually) hilarious in their undercover roles!

Even thought this wasn't my cup of tea, I tip my hat to the folks that targeted their audience and scored a bullseye!
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