Sound of Noise

This audacious 2011 Seattle International Film Festival entry from Sweden/France is just now enjoying a limited opening in the United States. I first reviewed it June 04, 2011 and want to emphasize: It is amazingly well edited! Metronomes figure heavily in the plot and everything is on the beat...scene changes, white lines on the highway, breathing apparatuses, electrical blackouts...you name it, it is on the beat and it is impressive!

This is a mash-up of symphonic music, a police procedural, creative percussions, performance art and a love story. Plus, it's funny. It took me totally by surprise but pleasantly so.

A young performance artist assembles a group of five anarchist/percus- sionists to expand on a comic cocktail derived from an earlier work: One Apartment and Six Drummers. The plan is to "take this city by storm!"

It's completely unbelievable and endlessly entertaining.