Jeff Who Lives At Home

Brothers Jay and Mark Duplass ("Cyrus") wrote and directed this family dramedy about a house-bound, pot-smoking slacker, dispatched by his mother to buy some glue for a little home repair. Instead, he thinks the universe has told him "Kevin" because of a mis-dialed call, so he gets side tracked. In very short order, he connects with his abrasive and egotistical brother who seems to make large purchases he can't afford in order to validate his existence.
  • Jason Segel ("The Muppets") is a pasty, pudgy, overgrown pot- head, who watches Mel Gibson's movie, "Signs," over and over, reading more into it with each viewing. This sweet-natured harm- less guy is seriously woo woo. Maybe too much dope?
  • Ed Helms ("Cedar Rapids") is the obnoxious spend-thrift brother. We wonder, has his exasperated wife started an affair? We almost hope she has!
  • Judy Greer ("The Descendants") is Helm's wife. Is she or isn't she having a fling?
  • Susan Sarandon ("Enchanted") is Mom. She's been a single mother for a long time, so along with a case of terminal lone- liness, now she's worried about BOTH of her sons!
  • Rae Dawn Chong ("Cyrus") works with Mom and wants to cheer her up.
I went to this screening with no preconceived notions; upon exiting I told the publicist that this was a little tempest in a very little (R-rated) teapot. Expect LOTS of profanity, mild fisticuffs (Jeff is a pacifist), some drug use and a bit of vehicular mayhem.

This one won't set the world on fire.
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Here is an unusual link to a trailer:
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