Men With Brooms

Looking for another "feel-good" movie? Here is a little Canadian sports comedy flick that features one of my favorite actors, Paul Gross ("Slings & Arrows") as a former member of a curling team. In the extras on this 2002 DVD from the city library, writer/director Gross explained that he wanted to do a movie that was very specific to Canada, and what could be more Canadian than the sport of curling...thus the brooms...

As you might guess, being a "former member" is where our story begins. You will meet other curling teams, players, and coaches, plus a few women, some of whom are also "former"s, i.e., former wives, former girlfriends...you know.... Sports movie clichés abound, which is probably why this is a feel-good movie. Remember, clichés work!

Here is part of the cast:
  • Paul Gross ("Gunless") is that former curling champ now adrift in ennui: divorced, alienated from his father and lacking any moti- vation to change things.
  • Leslie Nielsen ("The Naked Gun") is our hero's estranged father and former curling coach.
  • Molly Parker ("Deadwood") is NOT a "former."
  • Michelle Nolden ("The Time Traveler's Wife") IS a "former" ...maybe...
  • James B. Douglas ("Camille") is a recently deceased former curling coach, whose ashes play a significant role.
It was fun to learn enough about the game that I could recognize good moves and bad. Of course, for all you curling fans, that won't be necessary...smile...
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