Man on a Ledge

Can you spell "diversionary tactic?" This PG-13 heist film is a Master Class on film making: action, suspense, humor, pacing, you know...all the elements that keeps an audience smiling as we perch on the (L)edge of our seats.

We start out with a cop, wrongfully accused, who must break out of jail to clear his name. Have we ever heard this one before??? Naaah....

This time, we see:
  • Sam Worthington ("The Debt" and "Contraband") as the cop. Breaking out of prison and climbing onto that high ledge is only the beginning....
  • Elizabeth Banks ("The Next Three Days") is a police negotiator who lost her last client when he jumped off a bridge. She really does NOT want to lose this one.
  • Jamie Bell ("Tintin" and "Defiance") is our hero's brother, using those diversionary tactics to steal a diamond which will help clear our hero's name.
  • Ed Harris ("The Way Back" and "Appaloosa") is the wealthy industrialist who owns that diamond.
  • Edward Burns ("27 Dresses") is a police official who wants to see this crisis brought to a happy conclusion...soon!
  • Anthony Mackie ("The Adjustment Bureau") has been trying to help our hero...maybe....
  • Kyra Sedgwick ("The Closer") is the comic relief: an on-the-scene television newscaster, always there, always wrong, always plug- ging away, no matter what.
No sweaty bodies, no gunshots, no vehicular mayhem, no profanity, no blowie uppie stuff. Why did we have such a good time? (See first para- graph.) We were almost sorry when it was over because this shell game was so much fun! ("Keep your eye on the pea...or in this case, the dia- mond.") Director Asger Leth and Venezuelan writer Pablo F. Fenjves did us proud. Let's watch for this pair for future projects.

WE were certainly diverted!

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Here is a link to a preview:
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