Galaxy Quest

"...by Grabthar's hammer, you shall be avenged" are the words that drive our classically trained Shakespearean actor around the bend every time his character has to say them in this inspired comedy. Designed as a send-up of the durable Star Trek movie and television franchise, we howl as we recognize each character and his or her personality.

Written by David Howard and Robert Gordon, this brilliant spoof takes the cast of a long-canceled television series, "Galaxy Quest" as they make endless promotional tours, cashing in on their bewildering popularity. They visit all over the United States and meet costumed fans who swear their devotion day after day, week after week, year after ...well, you know...

Director Dean Parisot ("RED 2") assembled this cast:
  • Tim Allen ("Toy Story") is Jason Nesmith, who played Peter Quincy Taggart, gallant captain of a beloved starship and commander of the intrepid crew. He doesn't realize the other cast members detest him.
  • Sigourney Weaver ("Alien") is blonde! Her character, Gwen DeMarco, was Communications Officer Lt. Tawny Madison. To her everlasting frustration, her only duty was to repeat what the computer had just said.
  • Alan Rickman ("Sweeney Todd") Alexander Dane only took this job for the money. Never in his wildest nightmares did he think his alien character Dr. Lazarus, would become a cult classic!
  • Sam Rockwell ("Moon") Actor Guy Fleegman always wanted to be cast as a character with a name, otherwise he would be the first to die in the episode.
  • Enrico Colatoni ("Person of Interest") Mathesar is the alien who grew up watching Galaxy Quest, thinking it was a newsreel from Planet Earth, not a fictional series.
Eighteen years after the series was canceled, these people are still stuck in a rut. They can't seem to find meaningful work, so they tour endlessly. It's a living...

Suddenly aliens capture them, thinking our cast is part of Earth's military defense. They need help. They must defeat invaders of their home planet. No one can convince them it was acting! Now our cast needs help and their best bet is a youthful fan who knows the layout of their fictional spaceship better than they do!

This hilarious sci-fi adventure is rated PG, with no profanity, no sweaty bodies and no blowie uppie stuff. It is silly, satisfying and sweet. Do NOT miss it!
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