Here is an R-rated Action/Thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh ("Ocean's" trilogy). My biggest problem was that there was very little action and it certainly wasn't a thriller. In fact, this was the most passion- less thriller I believe I have ever endured. There was a lot of talk, but even the talk was emotionless and ineffective; the plot was never very clear.

The central issue seemed to be money, but there were so many double crosses and conflicting coalitions, I finally lost track. It's too bad because I found the lead to be attractive and "the real deal." She clearly wasn't using a stunt double, as a matter of fact, in "real life," she is a Mixed Martial Arts champion and this is only her second film.

These folks tried to make it work:
  • Gina Carano ("Blood and Bone") at first glance seems to be the token female, but her character is the former black ops super soldier whose betrayal initiates all the action.
  • Channing Tatum ("The Vow") is a fellow professional agent who works with our heroine.
  • Michael Fassbender ("Shame," who is enjoying being the flavor-of-the-year in Hollywood), plays an agent sent to Barcelona "take her out." (He mostly keeps his clothes on in this one...smile...)
  • Ewan McGregor ("Beginners") seems to be in charge of the professional agents, but his motives aren't totally clear.
  • Antonio Banderas ("Puss in Boots") is the mouthpiece for the kingpin in Barcelona...we think...
  • Michael Angarano ("Red State") is the hapless guy in the diner whose car is commandeered and him along with it. He goes from cautious to helpful to terrified in just three scenes.
  • Michael Douglas ("Solitary Man") is a government official who seems to be playing both ends against the middle.
I guess Soderbergh doesn't have to hit a home run every time at bat. The most tantalizing thing about this film was the R-rating. I don't know why. There were only a couple of gunshots, we saw no blowie uppie stuff, there were very mild car pursuits, and I noticed no profanity or nudity. Yawn....
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Here is a link to a preview:
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