Tower Heist

Talk about timely! One of the most critical elements of a successful plot is for the reader/audience to feel vindicated or avenged. This satisfying romp is for the people whose finances took a hit from the notorious felon Bernie Madoff. All of his victims should attend this film because they want to see a heartless crook get his comeuppance!

This is a low-tech version of "Ocean's 11," with another likable cast, a loathable villain, and a laudable cause. A wealthy shyster has squan- dered and lost billions, including the pension plan for the hard-working staff in The Tower, his ultra-elegant, supremely secure high-rise. It's fun to watch some earnest amateurs try to get their pensions back!

Here is the gold-plated cast:
  • Eddie Murphy ("Chicago") has to be bailed out of jail; none of our heroes knows how to steal, so they need his professional advice.
  • Ben Stiller ("Tropic Thunder") is the extraordinarily efficient manager of The Tower, organized, resourceful and loyal. It's that loyalty that drives him to even the score.
  • Matthew Broderick ("The Producers") is a trader who just lost everything: his wife, his kids, his job, and now his home...but he sure has a knack for numbers!
  • Michael Peña ("Crash") is a former Burger King counter man; he has just been hired to run an elevator in The Tower.
  • Alan Alda ("Flash of Genius") is the penthouse-dwelling scumbag behind the Ponzi scheme.
  • Casey Affleck ("Ocean's" franchise) cares more about the pending birth of his first child than he does about planning a robbery.
  • Téa Leoni ("Ghost Town") is a smart FBI agent who has nothing but contempt for the crook who just might be getting away with it.
  • Gabourney Sidibe ("Precious") is an immigrant from Jamaica. Her papa was a locksmith, so she learned the trade...
  • Stephen Henderson ("The Good Heart") is the long-time doorman who gives us a face and a heart which represent all the powerless victims of Wall Street.
Combine a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, a cute little Brussels Griffon looking for a doggy treat, a funny script, great pacing, plus appealing stars, and you have an entertaining 104 minutes. No sweaty bodies, no profanity that I recall, only one (accidental but important!) gunshot, one fairly humorous vehicular chase and no blowie uppie stuff. A good PG-13 time is had by all!

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