The Muppets

They're baaack! This is proof positive that a die-hard fan can resuscitate a moribund (look it up!) franchise. Furthermore, Disney and an amazing array of guest stars pitch in.

All the familiar Muppets are here, plus this core cast of "live" actors:
  • Jason Segal ("Bad Teacher") is switching gears from his usual R-rated fare. He is also the aforementioned die-hard fan behind this project. Coincidentally, Jason PLAYS a fan, too!
  • Amy Adams ("Enchanted") is a little less enchanting in this one because her character feels neglected. Her fiancĂ© spends too much time hanging out with his Muppet friend...but at least Amy does get to sing!
  • Chris Cooper ("The Company Men") is Tex Richman (Rich Man, get it?) another bad guy to add to his impressive roster of bad guys. Ready for a shock? This guy can RAP!
  • Rashida Jones ("The Good Year") is the television producer who will help The Muppets if they can get a celebrity host. This plot device goes right over the heads of the children, while the adults laugh at the impressive roster of celebrities who make cameo appearances.
  • Alan Arkin ("City Island") is the first celebrity of dozens! From Mickey Rooney and Whoopi Goldberg to Selina Gomez and Sarah Silverman, the list is endless. You never know who might be running theater lights or answering phones!
The major problem for the tykes in the audience was the gloomy story: The Muppets haven't done any new movies in years so they have found menial or demeaning jobs; their derelict theater is being torn down by a double-dealing oilman; Miss Piggy has left the country; and no one is motivated to stage a telethon to save the theater.

They finally DID get around to singing The Rainbow Connection, but by then many of the little 'uns had been taken home, so their parents (who probably grew up with "The Muppets" movies) missed it. Adults who knew The Muppets LOVED seeing and hearing all their old friends again. The tots? Not so much.

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Here is a link to a very clever preview:
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