Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler thinks if audiences buy tickets to see him in movies, twice as many will buy tickets if he plays twins! Of course, now MY problem is doubled. To my astonishment, Sandler can call ANYONE and have him/her show up in his movies, which can be very, very funny. On the other hand he persists in icky humor which I can't recommend (fart jokes anyone?) and, as usual, his product placement is too, too obvious.

Let's start with some of the cast:
  • Adam Sandler ("Grown Ups") is Jack, a happily married husband and father who does not want his twin sister to visit.
  • Adam Sandler ("Funny People") is Jill, Jack's passive-aggressive twin who does not want go back to the Bronx!
  • Katie Holmes ("The Kennedys") is Jack's wife who is beginning to understand why Jack is reluctant to have Jill visit.
  • Al Pacino ("The Son of No One") is himself, who is enthusias- tically stalking Jill! Pacino is hilarious; he sings and dances in a Dunkin Donut commercial that is to die for. In addition, he does Lear, Richard III and Don Quixote!
That's not all. You will see David Spade, Dana Carvey, Corbin Bleu, Alan Covert, Johnny Depp, John McEnroe, Christie Brinkley, Shaquille O'Neal, Neil Diamond, Regis Philbin, Gad Elmaleh, Drew Carey, Tim Meadows, Nick Swardson, Bruce Jenner, the guest list goes on and on. I'll bet you recognize at least two or three of these names, don't you?

In addition to that, during the opening and the closing credits, there are interviews with identical twins that are both interesting and very funny! Not one person left the theater during the closing credits!

I guess you have to take the bad with the good. If you can tolerate Sandler's patented groaners, then you'll have a chance to laugh out loud at the more entertaining stuff. That's what movies are, right? Entertainment?
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Here's a link to a 2.5 minute preview:
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