Like Crazy

Do you know what happens when a young British visitor's visa expires? Nothing! No one at the Consulate gives a rip that she fell in love while she was here. This means an intercontinental relationship that is fraught ...you know... This leaves us, the audience, to sit and watch paint dry.

Granted, the actors are very, very good and the camera loves their faces, but the pace is excruciating and much of the dialogue is mur- mured, whispered, or muffled. Of course, people don't enunciate during sex, so I can see why the critics love this thing, but our screening audience was NOT impressed.

This award-winning film (Best Picture and Best Actress at Sundance) features:
  • Anton Yelchin ("Star Trek" he was the young Chekov) is the passive (American) object of two women's affections. It looks like he could be happy with either one. Yelchin is a wonderful actor and he was the main reason I went to see this film.
  • Felicity Jones (Lots of BBC television) is the impetuous (British) spark plug who initiates most of the churn in the erstwhile lovers' off-again on-again relationships. I finally became impatient with her whims.
  • Jennifer Lawrence ("Winter's Bone") is the American coworker who steps into the breach. I couldn't help but root for her.
  • Charlie Bewley (the "Twilight" franchise) is the hottie in London who borrows a kitchen appliance from his neighbor. I couldn't tell what it was and couldn't make it out from their conversation. Maybe a waffle iron?
Once again, I have to admit I am not an artiste, nor are my tastes artistic. Maybe I'm just easily bored... My primary concern was, Who paid for all those airline tickets?

I'm glad I didn't spend my discretionary money on a ticket for this PG-13 snooze.

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Here is a preview:
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