The Whale

Narrated by Canadian Ryan Reynolds and executive produced by his (then) wife Scarlett Johansson, this documentary celebrates four years in the life of "Luna," a baby killer whale separated from his pod in scenic Nootka Sound, along the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Because whales are social creatures, Luna seeks the company of humans to replace his original pod. Naturally, the humans are charmed by his actions and many are interviewed for this film.

Of course it is inevitable that bureaucracy will rear its ugly head when a popular orca like Luna is involved, consequently the massive shifts in his interactions with people are recorded for posterity: Sometimes he's petted and acknowledged, other times people aren't even allowed to make eye contact with him. Naturally he is confused and frustrated. Every human that comes in contact with this eager youngster has his best interests at heart, the major question is: What is best for Luna?

This documentary is involving, judiciously edited (the First Nation canoe is paddled to the same beat as their tom toms which echo from the preceding scene), gorgeously filmed in a beautiful setting and liberally sprinkled with bits of humor. The directing team of Suzanne Chisolm and Michael Parfit attended the Seattle International Film Festival screening and participated in a Q&A afterwards.

My companion and I came out baffled by the actions of the humans. I think you too, will wonder why they don't lead this lonely orphan out to his pod when it migrates into nearby waters.

If you are an animal lover, this film is for you.

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