This ultra-violent actioner kept me guessing: What would be the next weapon of choice? Baseball bat? Chop sticks? Shotgun? Claw hammer? Straight razor? Dinner fork? The options were endless and all lethal.

Based on the book by James Sallis and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, this 100-minute film could have been 20 minutes shorter. There are too many affectionate shots of Ryan Gosling's profile (and his long eye- lashes) in endless drives on anonymous California streets. Okay, okay. I admit it's artistic, and it really DID set a mood that lingered....
  • Ryan Gosling ("Crazy, Stupid, Love") is a mechanic and a movie stunt driver by day and a freelance getaway driver by night. A contract is put out on our taciturn hero after a heist goes bad.
  • Carey Mulligan ("Never Let Me Go") is his neighbor. She works in a diner and is raising her little boy alone because her husband is serving time in jail.
  • Bryan Cranston ("Larry Crowne") is Gosling's employer. He customizes cars and books jobs for his crackerjack employee.
  • Albert Brooks ("The In-Laws") is a crime lord who wants to enter Gosling in a high-stakes road race.
  • Ron Perlman ("Hellboy") is the crook who puts out the contract on Gosling, along with that pretty neighbor and her son.
  • Christina Hendricks ("Mad Men") is a stripper planted by the mob for that bad heist.
Expect nudity, profanity, vehicular mayhem, gunshots, plus a shocking amount of blood. No sweaty bodies or blowie uppie stuff, just blood, blood, blood...and one really good elevator kiss....sigh...

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