Friends With Benefits

This crass, predictable, romantic "comedy" could have been much better.

Why you might ask?
  • Because it has good bones: Richard Jenkins ("The Visitor") and Patricia Clarkson ("The Station Agent") are both in it and those two bring a lot of talent and experience to the table.
  • Because it has two likable leads: Justin Timberlake ("The Social Network") and Mila Kunis ("Black Swan") have proven box-office appeal AND I appreciate both stars' support of our military.
Why was I disappointed?
  • Because it didn't have to be so tawdry. This thing is just short of pornographic in the way our two lovers establish their "benefits." I realize this reflects contemporary morés, but come on... must things be so blatant? The movie actually gets a little better as the story unfolds.
  • Because a romantic comedy is supposed to be clichéd, but this one actually made me cringe!
It's too late to warn you to stay away, it has already made millions. I guess there's just no accounting for some peoples' taste....sigh...

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Here's a link to a trailer:
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