This 2011 Seattle International Film Festival entry from Iran (English captions) starts slowly but gains momentum and ultimately becomes extremely interesting and involving. I can see why this R-rated film won the 2011 Sundance Audience Award.

It features two young Iranian women whose rebellious and experimental friendship evolves into a sexual one. The brother of one is just out of drug rehab and has undergone a paradigm shift in his philosophy; he now embraces a far more fundamentalist version of the family's religion.

We watch him pressure his wealthy family into a more rigorously religious lifestyle, while at the same time arranging to marry his sister's alluring young lover.

This film contrasts the hedonistic night life of the affluent young adults in Tehran with the actions of the "Morality Police" and their brutality. Given this tension, maybe the Arab Spring of 2011 wasn't too surprising.

I found this film both fascinating and chilling.

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Here's a link to a preview:
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