Win Win

Here is a grownup movie about grownup issues with grownups we can root for. What a concept!

These are the actors and their characters:
  • Paul Giamatti ("John Adams") is a struggling attorney who moon- lights as a coach for a mediocre high school wrestling team; he loves his family but is desperate for some way to pay his bills.
  • Amy Ryan ("Green Zone") has just enough spark and spunk to be interesting; a hard-working wife and mother, she has a strong sense of decency and fair play.
  • Alex Shaffer is the troubled teenager who abruptly lands in their life; he is polite, considerate, and a GREAT wrestler.
  • Bobby Cannavale ("The Station Agent") is an ebullient friend who needs a new activity to distract him from his divorce.
  • Burt Young ("New York, I Love You") is the elderly widower whose future touches everyone: his attorney, his grandson and his errant daughter.
  • Melanie Linskey ("The Informant!") is our young wrestler's mom, just out of rehab and looking for another new start.
  • Margo Martindale ("Secretariat") is Mom's lawyer, who can smell skulduggery a mile off.
We see temptation rear its ugly head for our hero and we empathize with the boy who is sick and tired of hearing adults say, "I'm sorry." We understand everyone's dilemma and keep rooting for the "good guys" anyway.

There is mild profanity, no car chases, no gunshots, no blowie uppie stuff. This is a satisfying little film, especially when we catch a fleeting glimpse of a teeny smile flitter across our young wrestler's face.

Okay, okay. Not every person we root for is a grownup.