Kill the Irishman

This is a tough review to write because I can't identify the potential audience for this terrific real-life drama about Danny Greene, a tough Irish longshoreman in Cleveland who gets involved in union issues, union politics, and from there, organized crime. As a result, he becomes some- what of a folk hero. We see what happened in Cleveland in the 70s as various factions declared all-out war on each other.

I was enthusiastic about this screening based on the cast:
  • Ray Stevenson (he was the Centurion's strapping big sidekick in "Rome") is Danny Greene, a high-school dropout but voracious reader who brings both book smarts and street smarts to the table. This Irish-born actor has it ALL!
  • Val Kilmer ("Hardwired") is a Cleveland detective who went to school with Danny. Their paths continue to cross after they are grown. His character didn't show me much, but his voice-over is excellent!
  • Vincent D'Onofrio ("Law & Order: Criminal Intent") is part of the Cleveland mob, eager to climb the ladder and convinced Danny can help him do it.
  • Christopher Walken ("Hairspray") teaches Danny you never go into business using your own money.
Because this is based on real life, we see actual newsreels as the violence escalates; be prepared for LOTS of blowie uppie stuff!

As a side note, I suspect anyone familiar with Cleveland will realize that Detroit was used as a stand-in! ...smile...