We start out with a 16-year-old girl raised in semi-solitude above the Arctic Circle and rigorously trained to be the perfect assassin, who is suddenly in a flight for her life from a ruthless intelligence agent. She has no idea why she is being pursued.
  • Saoirse Ronan ("The Lovely Bones") is Hanna, a highly skilled huntress who can field-dress a caribou, speak many languages, and has endless facts and figures at the tip of her tongue. Problem is, because she has lived in such primitive conditions, she is intrigued by something as simple as a light switch. By the way, she pronounces her name "Sur shuh."
  • Eric Bana ("The Time Traveler's Wife") has been teaching his rigorous CIA skills to this girl her entire life. He has made her a survivalist, a crack shot and a cold-blooded killer. Okay, okay, I suppose she does lack a bit when it comes to an emotional side.
  • Cate Blanchett ("Elizabeth") is the ruthless intelligence agent. No one can play ruthless quite so ruthlessly...
  • Tom Hollander ("The Soloist") is one of her CIA operatives. He obviously takes pleasure in his job, in fact, he whistles while he works.
This thriller is notable to me for the body count, not just random bodies but individuals the director makes sure we know...and the blithe attitudes of their killers. For this reason, I find that aspect of this movie repugnant.

Once again, my second complaint is the sound. After we left the theater, I had to ask who said what to whom and where did Hanna come from. I would blame my hearing if I didn't attend other movies where the sound is crystal clear; which tells me that the bottom-of-the-rain-barrel murmur is a sound engineer's choice, not a technical limitation. If you have ANY trouble with movie soundtracks, wait for the DVD with closed captions. ...sigh...