Youth in Revolt

This is supposed to be a comedy? Is drug use funny? Is blowing up a storefront funny? Is masturbation funny? Is having a slutty mother funny? Are religious zealots funny? Is Zach Galifianakis (the new Jack Black) funny?

Flavor-of-the-month juvenile lead Michael Cera ("Juno") has accumulated almost enough screen time as a virgin to challenge Doris Day! His character is the one with the slutty mother, excellently played by Seattle's Jean Smart ("Sweet Home Alabama" and LOTs of TV). Her revolving bedroom door admits both Galifianakis (evidently being a bad actor and having a big belly is considered hilarious in Hollywood) and Ray Liotta ("Observe and Report"). In my opinion, Mr. L should find a new agent!

Cera's character gets a crush on a new neighbor, played by Portia Doubleday ("Bram Stoker's The Mummy") who just wants to get into a private school so she can specialize in French. Thus inspired, our hero creates an imaginary friend who seems to represent his id, i.e., THAT is who blows up the storefront, sports a wispy moustache, wears shoes without socks, chain smokes, and speaks with a phony French accent.

I have decided that, instead of being a comedy, this is really a mystery. How did it get financing? Why do critics like it? Where will Hollywood find the courage to depict zealots from religions OTHER than Christian? And when will Galifianakis realize his 15 minutes are up?