When in Rome

Talk about lame! I can't categorize this as a Comedy because despite all the pratfalls, embarrassing situations, ridiculous blunders and walking into things, this pathetic movie is NOT funny. I hesitate to call it a Romance because the hero seems more in love with himself than with the heroine. (It's always a mistake to cast a hero prettier than the woman he's supposed to fall for.)

Here are some of the lambs led to this particular slaughter:
  • Kristen Bell ("Couples Retreat") is our toothy heroine who goes to Rome for her sister's wedding and steals some coins from a fountain. Uh oh, this means a magic spell in reverse: Any coin retrieved from this fountain will cause the owner to fall in love with the person who retrieved it.
  • Josh Duhamel ("Transformers" 1 and 2) meets her at that wedding and is instantly smitten (is it possible to be too pretty?).
  • Don Johnson ("Bastardi") is the oft-married father of the bride.
  • Peggy Lipton (LOTS of TV) is the divorced (and bitter) mother of the bride.
  • Will Arnett (LOTS of TV) is a would-be painter whose coin our gal steals from the fountain, so he is instantly smitten and sets out in hot pursuit of the new love of his life.
  • Danny DeVito ("Get Shorty") is the Sausage King, another victim of our heroine's thievery; he is uncredited and doesn't claim this movie in his résumé...I can hardly blame him!
  • Jon Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite") is a struggling magician; his coin too, was stolen from the fountain so he joins the lovelorn posse chasing our gal.
  • Anjelica Huston ("The Kreutzer Sonata") is our much-pursued heroine's New York boss at the art museum.
Both Duhamel and the Guggenheim are nice to look at. ...sigh....