Under Our Skin

Director Andy Abrahams Wilson brings us an exposé on the skullduggery that surrounds the diagnosis and treatment of the ever more ubiquitous tick-borne Lyme disease which, if untreated, attacks the central nervous system. In addition, he offers compelling evidence that it is inextricably linked to other diseases of the central nervous system. Two of the most devastating chronic diseases mentioned are Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

This is part medical drama and part Who-Done-It, as Wilson uncovers empirical evidence that the big pharmaceuticals are pressuring medical service providers (i.e., doctors and labs) to support their claim that there is NO link. In one unbelievable series of shocking scenes we watch a doctor lose his medical license, despite a courtroom filled with patients he has cured and whose lives he has saved! Corruption is not only profitable, it is life-threatening!

We watch the heart-breaking effects of a progressive disease and are horrified to see the deterioration of a once-healthy young woman as she loses her ability to speak or care for herself. She and her husband are two of the courageous people who have allowed the documentarians to film their challenge of big Pharma. You will rejoice with us as we watch her amazing case unfold.

Lyme disease seems to be spreading across the United States as the deer tick population proliferates. One of our JayFlix folks gave me the DVD because she knows I have a loved one who could possibly benefit from the information. This is an important issue that richly deserves a fair hearing.