Edge of Darkness

Boston homicide cop Mel Gibson ("Payback") is enjoying a rare visit from his adult daughter, played by the striking Bojana Novakovic ("Drag Me to Hell"), when a shotgun blast on his front porch kills her. Of course, given his profession, it is assumed that he is the target.

Wild with grief, he plunges into his own investigation (Boston PD regulations don't allow him to work the case); as he digs deeper and deeper, it slowly dawns on him that she may have been the target after all. She had been working in a highly classified business and had said that she had something important to tell him.

This is a much better than average action flick with interesting characters played by Ray Winstone ("The Departed"), David Aaron Baker (LOTS of TV), and Danny Houston ("Wolverine"). Expect violence, vehicular mayhem and some humor.

Everyone speaks with an authentic Boston accent, particularly when a favorite tag line is used (right out of "The Book of Eli"): "You'd better figure out if you're the one hanging on the cross... or the one banging in the nails."

One thing I should mention, maybe it was the theater, but I had a devil of a time making out the dialogue and found myself longing for captions.