It's Complicated

What's complicated? Marriage? Divorce? Life? All of the above!

When Nancy Meyers ("The Holiday" and "What Women Want") writes or directs a film, it will probably be a chick flick, quite often for the old hens (women of a certain age) who can spot a piker a mile off and want to see him get his comeuppance. You will see a loyal flock of gal pals clucking over our heroine and enjoying generous servings of wine, and you will wince at all the insecurities and awkwardness of mature dating. Yeah, it looks REALLY complicated!

In case you don't believe me, take a gander at Meryl Streep ("Mamma Mia!" and "Doubt") whose character has spent the last ten years trying to un-complicate her life after her husband, fearlessly played by Alec Baldwin ("30 Rock" and "My Sister's Keeper"), abandoned their 20-year marriage for a much younger woman. They run into each other at a hotel where they both happen to be staying for their son's college graduation, and all the old bells start to chime. We can see his charm and want her to cut loose and have some fun, even though we can't forget his track record with fidelity....

You will root for her architect, played by Steve Martin ("Father of the Bride" and "The Pink Panther") as he tentatively approaches a wary Streep; and John Krasinski ("Away We Go" and "Leatherheads") who almost steals the show as Streep and Baldwin's ultra-confused future son-in-law. We enjoyed many laugh-out-loud moments, mostly at the expense of Alec Baldwin's character, which he played for all they were worth! Kudos to him!

These are basically good people, warts and all, picking their way through the detritus of maturity. Not as young as they would like, not as old as they fear. Personally, I liked Streep's underwear: No Victoria's Secret here... More like real people!