Did You Hear About the Morgans?

A sophisticated, successful (and separated), New York couple, played by Hugh Grant ("American Dreamz") and Sarah Jessica Parker ("Sex and the City") witness a murder and must go into the witness protection program. Of course, to get a real fish-out-of-water effect, they are shipped to Wyoming.

This lackluster outing for all involved is predictable, mildly amusing, and harmless. We see a few familiar faces:
  • Mary Steenburgen ("The Proposal") as the sharpshooting distaff side of a team assigned to protect our protagonists
  • Sam Elliott ("Up in the Air") as the other half of that team
  • Wilford Brimley ("The Road Home") the local sheriff in that cornpone hick town in Wyoming.

A couple of grievances:

  • Parker's character is just this side of annoying and naturally is the one who betrays their location to the killer (is that a spoiler?).
  • No one on the set knew the first thing about milking a cow.

Oh well....