Wow! Those Marines sure are tough to kill!

James Cameron ("Titanic" and "The Abyss") spent hundreds of millions of dollars on this project and in my opinion it's worth every penny! It has a solid serviceable story with a beginning, a middle and an end. It has LOTS of blowie uppie stuff. It has two worthy adversaries... both of them Marines. It takes place on an other-worldly planet that is meticulously realized: with fantastic flora and fauna; populated by blue-hued human- oids (yup, excellent CGI) with their own language and mythology. It has plenty of humor (the first time our hero has to wear a thong...you'll laugh). And it has a sweet romance... boy meets girl...you know....

The 3-D is so good that I automatically took a casual swipe at a pesky gnat that flew within my periphery, and the dust motes in the air are simply a realistic touch, no issue is made of them. In addition, I felt pangs of acrophobia as the characters ran atop a high tree branch or inched along a cliff's edge.

The terrific cast includes:

  • Sam Worthington, who impressed me in "Terminator Salvation" (which was actually made after "Avatar," as this film has been over 10 years in the making). British born, Australian bred, he makes my socks roll up and down. He always starts slow then wins me over when it counts. Watch this guy!
  • Sigourney Weaver ("Snow Cake") is the queen of high-class Sci Fi (note the "Alien" franchise).
  • ZoĆ« Saldana is a blue humanoid, so you don't get to see her wonderful face. Just remember Uhura in 2009's "Star Trek."
  • Stephen Lang ("Men Who Stare at Goats") provides the leavening for the dough. Just as Othello would be just another disgruntled Moor without a cunning Iago, our hero would be just another paraplegic Marine without this kickass opponent!
  • Michelle Rodriguez ("Fast & Furious") is there when you need a tough chick on your side...

I'm sure you'll be fascinated by the tiny jellyfish-type floatie things that pulsate through the air, but do NOT drink too many liquids before entering the theater, as this thing lasts over 2.5 hours and there is no dull interval where I can suggest a visit to the litter box. Time will fly, but not if you drink too many liquids!

Notes: 1) An avatar is an alter ego adopted by an on-line gamer, an image that embodies his/her philosophy and/or desired physical attributes. 2) Be sure to suspend disbelief as soon as you buy your ticket!