"Action Packed?" How about tedious? How about boring? How about a plot a 12-year-old boy would cobble together on his personal computer?

We are subjected to endless filthy Hong Kong streets jammed with evil humanity; we are supposed to admire characters with idiotic telekinetic and telepathic powers that usually work... but sometimes don't...; we stumble into a storyline full of plotholes; and suffer through an impossible sound track, everyone sounds as though he or she is whispering from the bottom of a barrel.

My companion and I actually laughed out loud when the Asian super-warriers unleashed their super-powers: super screams that broke all the glass within earshot, including dishware and fish tanks. I think the fanboys liked that part.

In my opinion, Chris Evans ("The Nanny Diaries") is mostly wasted, as is Dakota Fanning ("The Secret Life of Bees").

Someone should have warned them not to "Push" their luck.