Fired Up

Fanboy Alert! Here is every horny young man's fantasy: Two straight guys attending a cheerleader camp! These lucky few are played by Nicholas D'Agosto ("Heroes" on TV) and Eric Christian Olsen ("Eagle Eye"). The tagline for this thing is "2 guys. 300 girls. You do the math."

Yup. It's just as flimsy and juvenile as that. Actually, it's relatively harmless, other than a generous supply of "s**t"s from their overzealous football coach, played by Philip Baker Hall ("You Kill Me"), and some off-color action from their cheerleading instructor, played by John Michael Higgins ("Best in Show"). Nor should we overlook the trash-talkin' younger sister who seems to be the smartest kid in the movie.

The females are mostly set decoration and the boys' change of heart is part of this predictable (but funny) little frolic. We are treated to some highly athletic demonstrations of today's cheerleading tournaments, although the dangers inherent are only mildly alluded to. Cheerleading is one of the major causes of athletic injuries these days. If that puzzles you, maybe you should take a look at this current crop of competitors.

One secondary character is worthy of note: A roommate, played by Adhir Kalyan (LOTS of TV work), is one of a kind. He is gay, verbal, timid and very funny. We'll see him again.

The good guys only BECOME good about halfway through the movie (I'm thinking aversion therapy); the bad guys are REALLY bad all the way through; the adults are caricatures and the parents are mostly absent.

Okay, I'll admit it. I had a good time...