Confessions of a Shopaholic

Ya know what? This movie actually has a worthwhile message! When we consider the way banks inundate college students with "free" charge cards and how little those kids know about the big bad world of credit, this little peek at one young woman's vicissitudes with money might be a good lesson. Mind you her problems ARE self-inflicted, but to watch her finally learn what a shallow and misguided sucker she has been, is not only predictable, it's also satisfying.

Of course any Chick Flick is always loaded with attractive stars, clothes to die for, and lots of silliness, particularly at the beginning, as we watch our heroine, played by Isla Fisher ("Wedding Crashers") go gaga over name brand bags, shoes, and dresses. Her waaaay too understanding (read "enabler") friend is played by an over-the-top Krysten Ritter ("27 Dresses"). And that perfectly dreadful bridesmaid's confection is every bridesmaid's nightmare.

Our shopaholic's almost TOO sensible parents, are Joan Cusack ("Martian Child") and John Goodman ("Gigantic"); while her love interest is played handsomely by Hugh Dancy ("The Jane Austen Book Club"). We chuckle at her Shopaholics Anonymous meetings and love to watch Kristin Scott Thomas ("The Valet") play the French doyenne of a high-fashion magazine. She and Meryl Streep ("The Devil Wears Prada") both seemed to use the same role model.

Nothing in this bit of fluff is realistic except the sickening feeling we experience as our heroine is compelled to make one unwise purchase after another. I have to confess, I felt a certain sympathy for that bill collector, even though he was considered the villain of the piece.

The REAL villain is a society where people feel validated by who they WEAR rather than who they ARE.