My first inclination was to skip any review of this thing, but one of my companions pointed out that it might be a favor to warn you. He has an excellent point! The name "Martin Scorsese" is associated with this travesty and it might mislead the unsuspecting, particularly when the critics are wetting themselves to get in line and praise it.

Ready? Okay, here goes:

"Gomorrah" is a modern-day look at modern-day Italy and its modern-day mob activities. We specifically look at the Neapolitan area and the powerful gang that calls itself "Camorra." Its activities in the drug trade and hazardous waste disposal make our own Mafia look like a troop of Girl Scouts. And their ludicrous rites of passage into "manhood" are absurd.

The acting is good, the photography is servicable and the locations are interesting. Other than that? This is a muddy, bloody tragedy-laced series of tiresome vignettes, loosely tied together but with no story, no one to root for and no happy ending.

Did I like it? Are you kidding?