Maybe Baby

The other night I watched my DVD of "Maybe Baby" with Hugh Laurie ("House" and "Stuart Little") and Natasha Richardson ("The Parent Trap" and "Blow Dry"). He is a script writer for BBC and she works for a talent agency which just signed a very, very handsome (and horny) new client.

Our couple is struggling to have a baby, so their sex life has morphed into scientific tedium; taking her temperature to see when she's ovulating, sex on demand, pelvic exams, sexual activities evaluated by advisor or counselor, sperm tests, fertility tests, test tube implants, etc., etc. (Rowan Atkinson is her gynecologist. He invites young interns to "review" her pelvic exams with him.)

Laurie is having trouble at work and is told he has to produce a new screenplay or he will be demoted to writing for a daytime kiddie show. On a personal level, he can see the absurdity of their dilemma and asks her if she thinks they should turn it into a movie. She is vehement in her refusal, "It's too private, too painful, too embarrassing!" On the sly, he starts writing it anyway on spec and the powers-that-be love it.

To his surprise, they buy it but tell him that the female "voice" sounds too masculine and suggest bringing in a female screenwriter to work with him. He refuses. Instead, he starts reading his wife's diary in secret, and the "voice" is fixed immediately, verbatim! THEN the plot thickens, as her handsome new client gets a crush on her AND is hired to play the husband in the film that has resulted from her personal quandary...unbeknownst to her.

This is a little more grownup than we expect here in The Colonies, but the leads are wonderful! And the guy playing the director is deliciously outrageous!