Starter for 10

So. Have you heard of this one? It stars James McAvoy ("The Last King of Scotland" - he was the Scottish doctor and "Chronicles of Narnia" - he was the faun) and no one else you've ever heard of... other than an aging Charles Dance in a tiny role.

McAvoy plays an ambitious, working-class trivia buff who is selected to represent his posh private university in a well-known nationally televised contest, "University Challenge," which takes place each year. Of course he falls for the blonde, even though we all know right away that the dark-haired activist just HAS to be his soul mate.

In my opinion, the best things about the movie are his flaws. He is a highly commendable young man, with all-too human parents and friends, to whom he tries to remain loyal, but he blunders into a couple of missteps which are completely understandable, which have devastating effects on him.

McAvoy seems to be the critics' darling right now, and he is certainly quite capable. However, although I find him personable, charming and pleasant to watch - in my view, no pedestal yet. .. maybe later...