Wild Hogs

"Mid-Life Crises" for four old friends, John Travolta ("Face-Off" and "Swordfish"), Tim Allen (All those "Santa Clause" movies), Martin Lawrence ("Big Momma's House" and "Nuthin' To Lose") and the wonderful William H. Macy ("Fargo" and "Happy, Texas").

These four guys, each for very different reasons, agrees to a road trip on their motorcycles. Not just the weekly outing, but a real one from Cincinnati to the Pacific Coast. Macy is by far the most inept of the four, with one mishap after another, which, because he is such a skilled actor, manages to be the funniest. This has the standard low-brow humor, e.g., the state trooper who misunderstands the sleeping arrangements and assumes it is a gay free-for-all after Macy burns down their tent; all of them stripping to the buff on a dare while in a swimming hole, only to be joined by a happy family who obviously intends to spend the afternoon; running out of gas in the middle of the desert.

They land in an isolated bar that is a tough, motorcycle-gang type dive. Before long they have managed to irritate the leader (has Ray Liotta gotten taller?) and before it is resolved, have inadvertently blown up the bar. You know how these things go...

I just have one question: (I got sidetracked by the "Extreme Makeover" plot that is running while the credits scrolled.) Was that Peter Fonda?

This is NOT worth a ticket at the multiplex, but if you are really, really bored some evening, go ahead and pop some popcorn...