Dinner Rush

This GREAT review arrived from one of your colleagues awhile back. I've thought about it and I'm going to share it. I've seen this movie since, but I still want to use this review:

"Dinner Rush" is a 2002 movie which is a feast for the eyes and the senses; a story which revolves around about friendship, family and personal relationships. The film primarily depicts events that take place over one night in a family-owned Italian restaurant during dinner rush.

The clash of generations is reflected in the menu ,which has been changed by the displacement of classic family recipes with trendy gourmet specials. There are no real surprises and the direction it takes is pretty transparent, still it is nicely done.

There are lots of good performances, with an ensemble of characters similar to Altman films. It manages to highlight just about every human emotion through the preparation and presentation of food. It is about art and revenge well savored and "la vendetta รจ un piatto che si gusta freddo."